On Teacher's Day

"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires." - William Arthur Ward

As a Agnelites : Love Your Neighbour as Yourself

As the school enters its another year of existence, we rededicate ourselves to the task we had undertaken, at the very inception, be torch bearers to the world in everything we do, be it in the pursuit of excellence, as well as setting standards of public morality and principled conduct.

1. Fr. Agnel School perceives each of its students, as free men and women of our pluralistic society, who through their thought processes and human engagement contribute towards a more integrated, rational, egalitarian and caring society.
2. Fr. Agnel School students will be confident and life-long learners, responsible for their learning, risk-takers and through their positive efforts contribute towards the growth of the community they belong.
3. They will be required to acquire the ability to do complex thinking and problem solving, and the ability to qualitatively improve products and processes that affect them and their community.
4. Fr. Agnel School's entire educational engagement will be focused on Content - what they learn,
Performance - what they are able to do, and
Engagement - how they influence the communities they belong to.


Our school crest, depicting our school mascot a Lesser Crested Tern (commonly seagull) "Sterna Bengalensis", in flight, rightly portrays what has always been a passion with us, that we will fly our own way, even if it be alone, in the pursuit of academic excellence as well as human excellence, towards building and contributing for a better, brighter, more concerned and more caring society.

All Agnelites will identify themselves with these two major attitudes, i.e. think big, think different (BRAVE MINDS) and act and live in concern for others (BIG HEARTS).

FR. AGNEL SCHOOL desires that teachers and learners actively engage themselves in achieving the standards of learning that will equip our students with processes of learning skills, in a 21st century context, through a 21st century content and achieved through 21st century tools.

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