Mission And Vision

Fr. Agnel School , Sector 62, Plot 2 & 3 , Noida, was established in the year 2001 with a view to provide Excellent Education as per the  principles of equality, love and brotherhood matching it with the best pracitices of education and student develoopment. The school is affiliated to run classes upto the Senior Secondaryu Level, by the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi.  It offers courses in Science and Commerce with a variety of optional subjects at the X plus 2 level.  

Fr. Agnel School is run by Catholic Priests and Brothers of the Society of St. Francis Xavier (commonly known as Agnel Ashram Fathers). The Agnel Ashram Fathers conduct reputed institutions well known all over the country for their excellence, efficiency and dedication.

The foundation of the entire education here is based on and inspired by the teachings of Jesus Christ. The thrust of the education here is to help children to understand life as a special call from God, to be someone unique, someone who has a task to perform, which will lead towards a better world for himself/herself and all those who come in contact with him/her. Special emphasis is laid on character building and on national integration , inculcating patriotic spirit and a secular outlook. 

India is a agreat Country with its  beautiful and varied diversity, as well as the plurality of customs, beliefs, languages and regions.  Its plurality is a treat to the eyes, and education should strive to give our students a glimpse of its beauty and variety. Our endevaour will be always to teach our children to love our Mother India as our craddle and as our arena of life, where eveything that we do, will help make it the best country in the world.

Our idea of education therefore has to be pluralistic, all embracing, rationnal and open to change, keeping in mind the vast sections of our people who are less fortunate and therefore in need of our concern, care, affection and solidarity.  Education that fails to teach our children to understand and be sentitive to the needs of one's neighbour, rich of poor, of diverse faith and cumtoms will fail to equip them with the power and vision to change the world, that education is all about.

The education effort in our school will also strive to ground our students in the beautiful traditions of our country yet train them to be rational, forward looking and capable to decide for themselves what is truly modern and what is harmful and avoided.

With the teaching of Sanskrit where the students are expected to excell the students will have to shine in English and other foreign languages like French and German or Japanese as they will be eventually introduced!