About School

FR. AGNEL SCHOOL sec – 62, Noida,   is a Christian Minority School, established under Art 30 (i) of the Constitution of India, in the year 2001 with a view to providing a value based education to students up to 10 plus 2 level.

As we complete 16 years of our existence (2001-2017) we raise our hearts and minds to God who has been our constant Protector and Guide who has led us, through good and bad times. Each day of these 36 years has been a blessing for us and we have experienced His Boundless love.

There is a story of a man who had a vision where he could look back at many years of his life. He noted that his life was marked by two pairs of footprints, one bigger than the other. He recognized that the bigger pair of footprints was that of God’s and the smaller, his. As he recalled the events year after year, period after period, he noticed that at a particular patch, which he remembered as the most trying period of his life, there was only one pair of footprints.  Deeply disturbed by this discovery he turned to God, and complained that at the most difficult period of his life, God had left him to fend for himself.

Smiling at him, God pointed to the pair of footprints and said:  “Son, that ‘‘only’’ pair of footprints you saw, were not yours, but mine, and during that entire period, I carried you on the palm of my hands”.  How true that has been in our own life, but unlike the vision, it is our firm conviction that, God carried us on the palm of His hand, all through these 17 years.

The School is the first major and significant engagement   between the child and the outside world, and as a consequence it is also the first place where the child will learn his or her social skills, be influenced by the social mores and values of the Society he or she belongs to, and above all, will be conditioned by   the wider society, outside one’s home. It is essential that the School that occupies such a pivotal place in shaping the minds of children, lays down the fundamental principles of its vision, belief and the mission that it perceives as its guiding force. Fr. Agnel School therefore lays down the fundamental principles that form the core of its mission, vision and its beliefs.


FR. AGNEL SCHOOLwas established  by the Founding Fathers,  with the perspective of building a better India, where  every child would grow up to be a man or woman who has the opportunity  to  pursue his personal potential as a child of God, where he or she learns to respect and love everyone, regardless of community, caste or creed.  This belongs to the core belief system of the AGNEL CHARITIES, the promotor Society which is a Christian organization. This selfsame goal of   brotherhood (sisterhood), of respect for one and all, and equality of opportunity is also enshrined in our Constitution.

All that the School desires and will do, will be in pursuance of this objective of creating a world where  every child will grow up to become a man and woman with  a sense of purpose, dignity and  a commitment to contribute to the society he or she belongs to. The School will therefore be always driven by this vision to make a better world, where each can grow and reach his or her   mental, physical and moral potential as human a being and a citizen of India.

This vision also demands from every individual who is a stake holder in the education of the students, parents, teachers and administrative staff to be sharing this same objective  of treating every child as an individual with immense potential and do everything one must do to provide every child the opportunity to grow and blossom.